Silvano Tessarollo



s.t. 18

toy, wax, thread and shoe

s.t. 20

wax, bottle bottom, comb and hair

s.t. 21

foundation, bottle, comb and hair

s.t. 24

cricket, hair and wax

s.t. 22

ivy plant, wax, earth and burns

s.t. 23

hair and wax

s.t. 26

bowl, wax, spoon, cricket and mold

s.t. 82

ground, grass, toys and wax

s.t. 17

bags and hair

s.t. 15

cricket and hair

Natura morta /1

part of glass bottle, oil, bread, cricket and comb

Natura morta /2

part of bottle in glass, mould, foundation and fork in steel

Natura morta /4

left – part of bottle, glass, bread, mold, water and cricket
right – part of bottle, glass, oil and hair

s.t. 72


s.t. 106

still, calculator paper roll

s.t. 96

wood, A4 paper, calculator rolls and colors

s.t. 105

wood and A4 paper

s.t. 73


s.t. 80

felt, photocopies and neon

s.t. 104

photocopies and stones

s.t. 81

still, iron letter, neon light and A4 paper